Are you looking to dominate Google search results? You’re not alone. There are over 3.5 billion Google searches every day. These staggering numbers highlight just how crucial online presence is for local businesses. But what can you do to compete in the increasingly crowded online space? If you’re struggling to rank in Google search results, it’s time to consider using local SEO professionals in Calgary to help your business grow. Due to the growing number of users on the Internet, it makes sense for companies to begin attracting customers in this field. If you attempt to do this without an SEO professional approach or any clue about rankings in the SERPs, your website and brand will be buried.


It doesn’t matter which search engine you are using. All of them have brilliant algorithms to make sure the best sites end up indexed on the 1st page. Some companies are ranking in the top positions and are also paying for Pay Per Click as they want to be on the 1st page twice. In turn, these companies will get a significant percentage of clicks from internet users. Consumers will sometimes browse past the 1st page of a search engine, but this is very rare! To make it to the top, you’ll need a Canadian SEO expert to help you out. That is where Parxavenue comes in!

Local SEO

It’s no secret that local SEO is an effective strategy for businesses. But what exactly is local SEO? Imagine a potential customer is searching for your services near Calgary. Now imagine being able to be in front of that person at the exact moment they search for a business. Not only do they have access to your business information, but they can also read reviews, business information, and localized content when they search. Parxavenue’s local SEO services here in Calgary lets you do just that. It’s a powerful method that helps businesses dominate local search engine results. It uses many hyperlocal strategies that allow companies to connect with local users searching for their products and services. This targeted marketing approach can position you ahead of the competition and in front of many potential clients. You can increase your exposure and conversions in the SERPs!

Gold SEO Parxavenue Ltd

Attractive Pages are Never Enough

Attractive websites will draw attention, but that’s all that they will do. If you want an excellent return on your investment; allow Parxavenue’s professional SEO Calgary methods to get your site ranked best! Let’s reach your target audience, place your business in the best position, and better promote your products and services. We can build you, a strategy that generates calls, leads, and revenue. Successful inbound marketing is replacing old-school techniques, such as cold calling, door to door, or paying thousands of dollars for radio and television spots. Our team understands your needs for better and simple results. As one of the leading search engine optimization experts in Calgary. We will complement your website with a strategy that will help you rank well in the SERPs.

Search Patterns

How did you look for a business 25 years ago? You probably explored a word of mouth recommendation or looked up a business in the Yellow Pages phone book. It’s no secret that the internet has changed the way people connect with local businesses. Nowadays, the first place that people search for companies is through the web. Many people start their search for a business by going to Google or a review site. They might have a need for your business but have no idea that your business exists at the beginning of their search. The great thing about local SEO is that it connects you with people who are looking for your business. By seeking local SEO solutions, your website can become more visible by ranking high in search engine result pages.


Search engine spider crawlability is a major part of your website’s success. Part of our work is to ensure all bots can easily crawl your site. There should be no reason for Googlebots, to be unable to crawl your site. Keeping your sitemap and Robots.txt file in check is vital for the performance of your website, and its rankings in search engines. Your site’s structure is critical and is one of the first steps we take when we start working on your site. URL canonicalization is always verified to keep content duplication issues away. We provide you with a detailed report on a monthly basis for further interpretation. Please also check the pricing table on this page for further information.

SEO Strategies

by Stephen Gagnon

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