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Video marketing in Alberta is on the rise. According to Cisco’s recent visual networking index, video accounts for 64% of all Internet traffic – and it will likely grow to 80% in the next few years, especially with all mobile phone companies changing to unlimited data plans. Let’s not forget that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web after Google. Video marketing in Alberta Canada, however, is usually an afterthought for businesses and marketers.

Don’t make the same mistake. Hire our experts in mp4 creation and video marketing, and gain a top position in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Packages And Pricing

Why Video?

For consumers, life is too short to have time to dig deep into products and services or read long product descriptions. A video clip can provide information in a quick, concise package. In fact, a Forrester study suggests that one minute of video is equivalent to nearly 1.8 million words of text. Spending hours reading text on a computer can also strain the eyes and induce headaches, which can deter potential customers from reading your content. Plus, mp4 videos are more entertaining, much easier to digest, and can be incorporated into your mobile web design.

Trust and Credibility

One real drawback of operating inside the World Wide Web is that people don’t get to feel that immediate connection with you. Most of them are still skeptical about buying products and services online because they have this fear of being cheated. Just owning a website with blocks of text does not help much in solving this problem. Your company can become meaningless fluff on a web page, in particular with the folks who dislike content.

A robust video marketing clip put together by our video marketing experts will humanize your brand, which builds trust and credibility. Users also get to enjoy a 2D or 3D look at the product or service you are offering. They can see how it works, how it looks from every angle. They can visualize using the product themselves.

SEO Video

Not only will you engage more potential customers, but you will also improve your SEO and rank higher in the SERPs with our video marketing. In fact, embedding an mp4 on your website can increase its chances of getting on the first page of Google results by 53 times, according to a report by Comscore. Of course, this only happens if the clip is fully optimized.

Google cannot tell what the mp4 is all about without some specific help. Without proper optimization, it will not carry much value in the eyes of a search engine, and the world will never find your masterpiece. Parxavenue will optimize your videos for SEO.

Right Developer Programming Code

Accelerate Views

Parxavenue’s video production and video marketing services here in Alberta will allow your brand to communicate your message in a single platform on multiple levels; text, imagery, and the spoken word. You can reach a massive audience at an affordable cost and in a short amount of time. We always research what your target market wants, and adequately tag the video to help it reach your desired market.

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