For several years now, nearly half of all internet users have made use of Google Maps. That trend is only increasing.

You know what means for you? An opportunity to increase the exposure of your business.

With all the businesses registered on Google Maps, you might think there’s no space left for you. That’s incorrect. By setting up your profile in a way that is best for you, you can improve your business completely. Here’s how.

Get Some Recognition

Google Maps is designed to be edited and aided by its users. While the company retains control, it allows for the submissions of new restaurants, bars, and businesses.

That sounds like a great way to expand the map–and it can be. But there is a drawback. Who hasn’t encountered wonky listings on maps? While most of them are excellent at giving information, some have incorrect or incomplete information.

Many of the submissions are for places that don’t exist–some of the listings are simply inaccurate, while others don’t exist. Google has faced this issue for a long time.

And it’s recently started to fight back. The company has become vigilant about battling against fraudulent listings on its Maps app, which can mean its stingy about giving out verifications for real businesses, like yours.

That’s also why it’s so important to get verified by Google Maps. Once verified, you’re given greater visibility on the app, plus better features to work with as you continue developing your image on Google.

To get verified, it’s important to get your name out there as much as possible in things like directories. As your business gets more traction online, you’ll be verified on the app.

That’ll make users see you more often, and trust the listing even more. But there are more ways to optimize your profile.

Content is Important, Even on Google Maps

On any website or profile, most users will dedicate seconds to deciding if they like what they see. If they don’t like the content, they’ll leave to another site. And that decision can come pretty quickly for some.

We’re talking seconds.

That’s why it’s so important for you to have a fleshed out and interesting profile. That’s the only way you’ll get people to stick around on your listing on Google Maps.

To create a robust profile, you first need solid writing. You don’t need to produce the single greatest text of our generation (that does only happen once a generation), but you should spend enough time and energy on the words so they flow.

Take a few hours and sit with your ideas. Then plan and write your profile in an efficient and informative way. The listing should grab a reader’s attention and keep it there. Think about the categories you want a visitor to see when they reach your listing.

What information is most valuable to communicate? It could be a deal or a great feature your business has. You might just want to explain generally what your business does.

A gripping profile is one of the most important ways to optimize your presence on the most notable platform people have for identifying your business.

Embed your Location Whenever You Can

Most companies have a social media presence nowadays, and you’re probably no different. If you’re publicizing in the right way, you probably have a link to your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account available on your website.

You know why that is–people can click on the link to be taken to the corresponding profile. This increases the flow of traffic toward your social media, which can create a bunch of good momentum for you.

The same is true of embedding your location on your website. On the one hand, your embedding increases legitimacy in the eyes of the user, as it shows your business on a map–it’s real! But there’s a more important reason it’s good to embed.

The ultimate goal of embedding is to increase traffic to your listing on Google Maps. That way, more people will trust your business, and you’ll get more views on your listing on the app.

That way, your business profile will appear more legitimate in the eyes of the people who see it. And that’ll help your own business grow.

Calgary Google Maps Screenshot

Get Customers Engaged

You do good work at your business, and you know that. But the average person on Google Maps is probably skeptical of your business, if only out of precaution.

There are plenty of scam artists out there, and it’s on any unknown business to prove that you’re legit as it comes.

The best way to do that is through reviews. Customer reviews give future customers an insight into their own experiences with your business.

It’s your business–of course, customers like dealing with you! Despite whatever your profile says, a slick 5-star rating on Google Maps is the best assurance you can give your future customers about them using your site.

When a customer or client is leaving your business, ask them to write a review of their experience on Google. That way, their rating will pop up for your next new visitor.

And, if you had a very bad experience with a client, they probably didn’t like it, either.

Don’t ask them to write a review. It’s all about presenting your image as best you can.

Get Classified How You Feel is Best

It’s important to manage the labels you are classified under on Google. There are wide varieties of business the company oversees, and it’s best to make sure they’re not making mistakes with yours.

Check out the labels that Google provides as options for classification. Pick the one that fits you best, and make sure that’s the way you’re grouped. It’ll help like-minded people end up on your profile.

It’s Time to Optimize

With these tips, you’re prepared to best prepare your profile for visitors who will use and bolster your business.

Feel free to reach out with any questions about optimization. You’re very close to having the ideal profile. Good luck!

How to Optimize Your Business Profile for Google Maps

by Stephen Gagnon

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