Dedicated IP’s Keep Sites Stable and Secure

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A dedicated IP address is just what it sounds like: an IP that’s permanently assigned to a website. While a shared IP address is used by all sites on a single server, a dedicated IP is used by just one site. Dedicated IPs are unique because they allow users to access websites just as if they’d used a domain name. Here, you’ll learn more about dedicated IP addresses, their benefits, and how they can help marketers’ SEO efforts.

IP Addresses: What Are They?

An IP address is different from a site’s URL or domain name. The IP or internet protocol address is a set of numbers assigned to any device that’s connected to the internet. Where a domain is a site’s address (its location on the internet), a computer’s IP address is a unique identifier that allows sites, the internet, and government agencies to pinpoint it when it accesses a site. Along with mobile devices, printers, and computers, web servers also have unique IPs.

Why Dedicated IPs are Beneficial

Site owners need dedicated IPs for various reasons. These include:

Significant web traffic. If your site drives a substantial traffic volume, a dedicated IP address will help you maintain or increase the site’s loading speed while minimizing traffic-related crashes.

For the installation of security certificates. If you’re an online seller and your customers make credit or debit card purchases, you’ll need to install one or more SSL certificates. To do that, you’ll need a dedicated IP address.

Protection from others’ behaviors. With a dedicated IP address, you won’t share server space with other websites. Therefore, there are no worries about other sites running low-quality scripts that make the entire server vulnerable.

Boosting search rankings. Google and the other search engines give greater importance to sites with dedicated IPs. 

Extended hosting functionality. Many web hosting functions are only usable on dedicated IPs. For instance, anonymous FTP allows you to access files from your website.

Business and brand identity. A dedicated IP address will help you build prospects’ and customers’ confidence in your company.

Dedicated IP addresses have numerous other advantages over shared IPs, as shown in the sections below.

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Greater Stability

Among other benefits, the most crucial is that a dedicated IP offers additional stability. The biggest problem with a shared IP lies in its concept. When various sites share one IP address, unique security and stability issues are created. If any other site on the same IP is blacklisted for unethical activities, it will adversely affect your site. Conversely, a dedicated IP prevents other sites’ activities from affecting your company’s reputation or online presence.

Diminished Downtime

Another benefit of a dedicated IP address is that it helps to reduce site downtime. As IP addresses continually refresh, there’s a greater likelihood of server failure. When companies have mission-critical applications and services, they can’t afford to deal with downtime. However, by purchasing a dedicated IP address, these problems are eliminated.

SEO Advantages

Attaining higher search engine rankings is becoming even more difficult, as companies are facing greater scrutiny as far as their SEO strategies are concerned. Search engines such as Google will use a site’s IP address to determine where it is hosted. This factor is crucial in ranking a site highly within its target market. When sites are hosted on shared plans, security threats are enhanced, and Google may discriminate against them when it comes to their rankings. Security is one of the primary factors used to rank your site, and a dedicated IP will help keep your site more secure while putting it higher in the search engine results.

Why You Should Go With a Dedicated IP Address

With a dedicated IP address, you’ll have full access to your site regardless of where the DNS is directed. Simply type the IP into the address bar of your preferred browser and you’ll be able to edit and view your site. When using a shared IP address, it’s impossible to edit or view your site from a web browser.

As you already know, shared IP addresses may adversely affect your website’s performance. Because there are many sites using a shared IP, site loading times are affected as servers must sort through the sites to determine which one to load. With dedicated IPs, you’ll get a direct connection to the web server with no interference.

In Closing

Running a company is difficult, and knowing which hosting add-ons you need can be quite challenging. Dedicated IP addresses have numerous benefits, and your need for one depends largely on your site’s requirements. However, with all their advantages, dedicated IPs are great for almost everyone.

Dedicated IP’s Keep Sites Stable and Secure

by Stephen Gagnon

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