Does your website need a refresh? Or are you starting from scratch and need to establish a web presence? Designing a website is a big project and, with all the options available, it can feel like a daunting process. A good website design, after all, is marketing and can give a significant boost to your traffic and leads–in some cases, increasing traffic by as much as 500%. Parxavenue’s Web design professional services here in Calgary can help you:

1. Generate more interest in your business
2. Turn the interested into leads
3. Close more sales with web design expertise

One of the most daunting aspects of choosing a new web design is the choices available. Before we dive into strategies for design, let’s take a closer look at a key component of the process: choosing the right designer. When choosing a web designer, one of the first things you should consider is whether or not you want to work with someone who you can go and have a coffee with or someone halfway around the world that you’ll need to coordinate with remotely.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with remote work, you lose the personal touch and relationship you can build with a local company. Joining a mobile web design expert in Calgary also gives you the advantage of working with a group that knows the area, and how to effectively market to that region. When you choose a web designer, make sure you choose wisely.

Parxavenue Wants to Help!

Local businesses, big or small, want to connect with a local reputable Web Design Expert. We have met and connected with hundreds of delightful people from all walks of life. Nothing feels better than helping people and their businesses grow their online presence. Branding, Awareness, and Success are what it’s about; no matter how many phone calls or business meetings as it takes to get it right! Our customers enjoy delivering great digital experiences for “their” clients. Parxavenue helps to make sure this happens. When it comes to succeeding online, fast-loading responsive web pages, complete with a perfect website structure is the key to local, provincial, or national success.

Keeping Up With Your Web Development

Parxavenue provides web design, and web development services here in Calgary with the belief that successful websites should be visually appealing, professional, and polished. Our efforts will flawlessly display your company’s products and services online. We always apply our best efforts to create and build a great website for you and your potential customers. Meaningful graphics are vital. Our Graphic Designers and Website Developers will create Life into your Web Pages! We always adjust graphics and significant visuals according to your feedback. We structure your site with rich media and extreme care for your potential clients. Pick up the phone (587) 441-0431, or fill out our online contact form and talk to us. Browse through our portfolio and get some firsthand ideas on what we’ve created for others.

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To Template or Not to Template?

Don’t be fooled by the supposed simplicity of website templates. While these options certainly have their systems in place, they’re not for everyone. Most website template options, including services like Wix and Yellow Pages, require a lot more work than you’d think. Let’s not forget that you’ll be paying for that website on a monthly basis for the rest of your life, and if your payment doesn’t go through; your website disappears and the collection agencies are calling you 30 days later because you didn’t see clause 16 on line 228 in their terms and conditions! Do you own your domain? Check your template contract!

Web Design Experts in Calgary:

SEO-Ready Professional Websites: We produce web-content that will get your site ranking in the SERPs. Parxavenue’s team of web design professionals also make sure that your website is technically superior concerning web-page load speeds and mobile-responsiveness.

Work with a highly-collaborative team: When you have a project with us, we make sure to listen and aim for the same end-goal. Our much-experienced web development team becomes your partner, for life!

Get after-launch support: Encountering development issues after your website’s launch is never a problem. Parxavenue provides continuous support to help you out with any concerns you may have. Just contact our office anytime.

Built from Scratch: Let your business stand out. We can create websites from scratch and include all the features and functionalities you need, and demand!

Web Design Calgary: Need a new and improved website? Not a problem. Our team of expert web designers can work on all types of projects. Whether you’re adding some features or you want to make your site mobile friendly, we will help.

Professional, Functional, and Interactive: User experience (UX) defines the value of your website. We create professional-looking, functional, and interactive sites to improve customer engagement and conversions.

Start impressing customers as soon as possible with a great website. Talk to Parxavenue today!

Foster Niche Appeal

You’ve probably heard statements like, “the riches are in the niches” or that you need to “niche down” your content. If you’ve been skeptical about these ideas in the past, don’t be. The reality is, all businesses address a niche, whether large or small. eBay, for example, while you may not necessarily think of this as a niche site. They attract people who want to buy or sell used or lower cost goods.

eBay doesn’t appeal to all buyers or sellers, just those interested in the format eBay provides. The same should be true of your business. If you own a landscaping company, for instance, you probably tend to work with and appeal to a specific type of customer. Your website should be designed in a way that appeals to that niche set of customers.

Hiring Web Design Experts

by Stephen Gagnon

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