4 Reasons Why Logos Are Important for Your Business

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The golden arches of McDonald’s have become one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. When people see the logo that McDonald’s has made famous, they immediately know what the logo stands for. The same could be said for the Nike swoosh. Both of these logos are very simple, but they also portray the brand of their respective company in a very positive way. A quality logo is a surefire way for your business to become more than just a name for customers. Having a quality logo is an avenue that can lead to building brand loyalty, and portraying the importance of your business to a much wider audience.

Instant Recognition

In the world of instantaneous information, having an easily recognizable logo is essential. People tend to remember a company name or message better when there is a logo attached to it. People are about eight times more likely to remember an image when compared to text or sound. People also process images much faster than text. Having a quality logo also creates a connection with customers. When a logo conjures up positive feelings, much like the golden arches do, then customers are more likely to transfer those positive feelings to the business itself.

Another aspect to consider for your business is the ownership that a logo creates. The logo should be stamped on merchandise, business cards, letterhead and anything else that will be in front of employees and customers. The logo can become the central thing that ties all of the aspects of your company together. Logos are meant to build an identity for a company. The logo itself is not going to sell anything, but instead, it will give your company a mark that provides a visual to your target audience. The colour, font and shape of a logo can start to establish the personality of your company and communicate some of your most robust features.

There are many aspects of marketing to manage with a business, and having a quality logo can be the foundation for many of those items. Getting social media pages set up, redesigning the home page of a website, or simply getting new business cards printed are all tasks that are essential to a business. All of these tasks can be made a bit simpler by having a quality logo that is going to connect all the dots.

Break Through Barriers

Multinational brands can be built upon a quality logo. There are language barriers when companies rely strictly on text to convey their message to customers. There are barriers in translating messages into other languages which can cause those messages to become unclear. A quality logo, however, needs no translation and breaks down any barriers of communication that might exist. When customers worldwide see a recognizable logo, they are immediately able to understand who the company is and what they stand for.

Logos are also an excellent way for new customers to get to know your brand and message. When an eye-catching logo is displayed, it is an invitation to new customers to explore and find out what goods or services your company has to offer. This is the first step in building some customer loyalty, and in making your company more known. When people have a positive first impression, they are going to be more likely to recognize that logo into the future and continue making purchases.

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Inspiration and Value

In addition to becoming more recognizable, building a brand and breaking through barriers, a quality logo can inspire employees to bring their best effort every day. The logo can help employees understand the overall mission and goals of the company. When these things are understood, they can inspire employees to work hard to help everyone in the business achieve more. Employees will begin to take more pride in their work and display the logo as a badge of honour at every chance they get.

A quality logo can also help to build the overall value of the company. A strong brand can help to generate future business. This could mean opening up more locations, adding additional web-based business or expanding an existing site. A strong brand that has a large following can help secure loans for these expansions or even maintain a company become one that is publicly traded on the various stock exchanges.

Exude Professionalism

Customers tend to notice very quickly when a business does something that is not professional. Having a less than professional looking logo will be something that people take notice of, but that is not the thing you want customers associating your logo with. Companies that have a professional looking logo, and in turn, professional looking messaging will be taken more seriously than those that don’t. When customers notice that your materials and logo seem very professional, they are going to start to develop some trust with your business. This trust can lead to building up more customer loyalty in the long term, and that is a huge positive for any company.

Developing a healthy and successful business takes a great deal of grit, and there are significant amounts of risk involved. Having a professional logo will also make you feel better about the venture that you have undertaken. It is easy to doubt yourself, and having a quality logo designer can give you something very concrete to build off of.

Here at Parxavenue, professional designers work on your logo using established rules and logo design concepts. To achieve a polished, premium look, we consider every pixel. It is the skill, experience, and knowledge of our artists that set our logos apart from DIY alternatives.

Every company or brand needs a logo. It is a unique mark that puts every operation on the map. Parxavenue offers logo design services for startups and established companies in addition to content creation and web design. Our Calgary-based agency consistently offers excellent work that attracts new markets to businesses.

4 Reasons Why Logos Are Important for Your Business

by Stephen Gagnon

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