Why You Need a Glorious Logo for Your Business

The maple leaf coloured in red is undeniably Canadian. This symbol plays a crucial role in the country’s identity, and it represents the country both to its people and to the World. By sheer function, it is Canada’s logo, and it’s doing an excellent job.

Logos are the best way to for companies to be more than just a name to consumers as well. Here, we discuss why your business requires a great logo right from the get-go.

It’s Quick

The recall is faster when an image accompanies the text. This instant connection is increasingly important nowadays because people are almost always pressed for time. In a heavily visual world, a great logo sends the message to the audience in a flash — and makes it stick.

Breaks Language Barriers

Logos play a central role in building multinational brands. Unlike words, a well-executed logo is identifiable to everyone, no matter their language. While the text is a standard feature among logos, they also come with other visual cues.

Establishes Your Brand

Unlike a name that’s just typed out, a logo connotes a much richer identity. Images, select fonts, textures, and colours always produce a more memorable brand identity compared to plain text. A good logo must remind the audience what the brand is about with a single glance.

Better First Impressions

With professionally-executed logos, it is easier to build rapport. Furthermore, a great logo on your business stationery or e-mail signatures makes it effortless to come across as professional — a company that should be taken seriously.

Here at Parxavenue, professional designers work on your logo using established rules and logo design concepts. To achieve a polished, premium look, we consider every pixel. It is the skill, experience, and knowledge of our artists that set our logos apart from DIY alternatives.

Every company or brand needs a logo. It is a unique mark that puts every operation on the map. Parxavenue offers logo design services for start-ups and established companies in addition to content creation and web design. Our Calgary-based studio consistently offers excellent work that attracts new markets to businesses.

4 Reasons Why Logos Are Important for Your Business