Sometimes, a good hack is all you need to level up your SEO strategies. Take’s word for it.

The publishing company shared an article entitled “Refreshing the Evergreen,” which discussed its practice of re-sharing and updating old blog posts. Vox simply changed its time stamps, tweaked the articles a bit, and waited for the results.

During the five-day period, the site ran 88 stories, most of which brought in 500,000 readers. There was plenty of positive feedback and unique readership this time around.

What can your Calgary content marketing strategy learn from this approach?

Where Should You Start?

It’s the most important question that needs an answer: what should you update?

Start with content that already drives more traffic; older blogs with your most popular posts are usually the best place to start. Also, choose posts that are still relevant despite the time difference. If you have a limited amount of organic traffic, focus on growing the traffic and building links to your domain instead.

The Actual Update of Old Posts

Once you have a list of pages to update, it’s time to revamp the posts. Tweaking your content, however, should not be excessive; otherwise, you are susceptible to content pitfalls if you are not careful with the following:

·Updating anchors and internal links. If you plan on building new anchors or updating current links, there’s a chance you will devalue previous anchors.

·A new page focus. Deviating too much from the core focus might make the page seem out of place.

·Considering a refresh. Does your site focus on technical topics? Updating the site is good, especially if you have fresh content. Historical topics, on the other hand, might not benefit from the refresh.

Changing the Timestamp

Moving the timestamp of your popular blog post to a “last updated” stamp tells readers that the current content is an update. Switching from “published on” to “last updated” is an indication that the content is fresh and promises more information.

Tweaking your content is the SEO hack you need for more traffic. Do you need more hacks to level up your SEO game? Get in touch with us, and we will help you out.

Can the Same Old Blog Post Lead to New Traffic?

by Stephen Gagnon

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