A third of the content viewed on the internet comes in the form of a video. Like a battery, videos are potential energy. An energy that is dying to be released by the simple click of a mouse. This is how Parxavenue video marketing benefits you and your clients. The senses of sight and sound come together to target the viewer’s emotions, the strongest sense of all. No wonder 64% of online shoppers claim to be more inclined to buy a product after viewing a promotional video. Parxavanue wants to give you that emotion induced package, that 64% lead, and that potential energy. If you’re looking to skyrocket your business and bring in high-quality customers, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 10 Parxavenue video marketing benefits.

1. Options

Or should we say attention? We live in a world that is constantly bombarding us with the flashiest forms of marketing. The last thing you want to do is be another player on the vastly overcrowded field. Options in the production of your video allow you to stand out, even in the subtlest of ways. Video marketing gives you options to entice your viewers. You can take their senses where they have not yet gone before, simply by weighing the elements of your video. Music videos showcase this element by synchronizing the visual aspect to the audio, creating an entrancing projection of ideas. However, this concept is not restricted to music videos alone. For example, a simple animation of one’s product can be complemented simply by matching the beat of a song, or even speech like our videos here, to the videos transitions. These details are important to the Parxavenue team and inevitably brings out the emotion in a person, so long as you can get their attention. Parxavanue video marketing benefits the client by hooking the viewer through an algorithm of simple, yet powerful media.

2. Easy Access

People love to share ideas in the form of videos. A simple copy and paste of a URL can give your product exponential reach. Our fast pace world is only getting faster, so sharing a link is an economical one in comparison to a full explanation. Staying competitive, (and relevant) takes the work of an army. Let that army be the people your video reaches. The epidemic of viral videos is rightfully an epidemic due to the ease in which the videos are shared. Catch like a cold and get your ideas circulating.

3. Content Dense

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which means a video must be worth millions. 1.8 million in one minute of video actually, according to Dr. James McQuivey. That number bumps the viewer’s knowledge of your product up to incredibly competitive heights. Your product or service is a wildfire waiting to happen. It is proven and tested. You know all it takes is one bite. What better way to give them that sample than by ensuring all their senses are filled with that sticky information that fills them with the reasons they need to buy. Like a match to tinder, our videos light the blowtorch to connecting your niche to the like-mindedness of those customers dying for your product. As styles and trends come and go, staying up with the aesthetic and relativity of your customers is crucial, and made possible through the vast array of video production styles possible to you. The incorporation of props, objects, and products triggers the brains awareness, increasing the likelihood of purchase.

4. Your Feed Feeds Back

You want to know what the people think, and how to better your product. One of the best ways to do this is heading to the comments section. Nothing is as brutally honest as someone responding in a comments section. By tallying the good and bad, you can get an idea of the overall impact your product is having. Another great way to get this feedback is to give the viewer a task to respond in the comment section with feedback, future ideas, the good and the bad. Here you have the opportunity to reply and establish a connection with potential customers and clients. Second to the comment section is the study of your likes and dislikes. This gives you an immediate idea of how your product is received.

5. Opening Doors for Marketing Potential

Free and win are words that the eye is drawn to. “Like and share this video to enter for a chance to win _____” is a sentence so often used in the caption of a video to promote a product. Rightfully so, 35% of Facebook users like pages to enter into drawings. The same principle is applied to raffles, contests, and giveaways promoted by videos. This brings us to our next point.

Calgary Video Marketing on Laptop

6. Supporting Platforms

All corners of the web support the viewing and posting of videos. Two of the biggest social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow you to post videos that are already queued up to watch when the viewer comes across it. Posting to these platforms gives an upper hand as your video is highly likely to be seen. With high traffic comes a high comment and like/reaction rate, giving you better feedback. The biggest benefactor of getting your video on these social platforms is the opportunity for people to share. As most know, sharing on these platforms is incredibly easy, and gives you unmatchable reach. Along with these sharing platforms, uploading a marketing video is made possible through different highly trafficked sites such as Youtube and Vimeo, for high-quality videos like these.

7. Boost Your SEO

By optimizing your video, you can increase your front page Google presence chances by 53%. This is a big deal, as Google is the number one search engine in existence. The world is fast; be faster. Not only will you place better on the Google rating algorithm, a viral or highly viewed video has the chance to become unstoppably posted all around the web. It is important to direct viewers to your site in the case that your video sparks an ‘interwebular’ trail of gasoline.

8. Mobility is Key

If it’s not mobile, it might as well not exist. Fortunately, video marketing is able to be viewed on anything with a wifi signal and a viewable screen. The ability to show in person, over text, s-beam, screen sharing, and any other mobile sharing method exists for video sharing. When someone likes your product, they want to share it. On the go, and right now are the times and places your video will be shared. The MP4 format has captured our interest and is available nearly everywhere. Get yourself seen on all platforms.

9. Video Adds Authenticity to Your Product or Service

When it comes to gaining trust from your customers, prior to proving yourself with your product or service, a video is the number one way to show yourself or your company’s validity. When someone has the ability to view a product or service in depth, it gives them the peace of mind in knowing what they are getting into prior to swiping their card. If you’re looking to draw in customers that trust you, use video marketing.

10. Return on Investment is Unmatched

It may come as no surprise after hearing all the ways Parxavenue video marketing benefits you, that your ROI will be huge. Everyone is using video, and it is a necessity to stay afloat. The price of video production equipment is costly, and quality production when not outsourced is a time-consuming process to learn. Beat out the competition by marketing yourself through a Parxavenue marketing video.

How Parxavenue Video Marketing Benefits You

Give yourself a piece of virally sharable media, and have peace of mind that your product is touching the souls of any who click play. Combined with Parxavenues phenomenal search engine optimization, along with our search engine management, your video is not far from your customers. No matter your niche, your experience level, or your knowledge of the business, Parxavanue is going to be able to give you everything you need to hold the unmatched value of video marketing in your hands. Contact us to learn more about how Parxavanue video marketing benefits you!

Top 10 Parxavenue Video Marketing Benefits

by Stephen Gagnon

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