Depending on how competitive your market is, small business organizations recommend spending up to 20% of your company’s revenue on marketing. For companies big and small, this is a considerable amount of money. In a digital market, a Parxavenue SEM plan can save money while improving your company’s digital impact. Your company may already be using SEO or Search Engine Optimization to take advantage of the web searches of your potential customers. Taking that one step further, a Parxavenue SEM plan is all about strategizing how to use SEO services, rather than wasteful spending on unrewarding channels. If you’re new to SEM or Search Engine Marketing, here are eight things you can expect to get when you hire Parxavenue.

1. Assessment of Your Current Position

Parxavenue’s SEM services are able to review and evaluate where your brand stands in the market, relative to the competition. We can also take a look at marketing plans you had in place over the previous couple of years and see how they performed. Looking at previous marketing plans, we can advise you on what worked, what underperformed, and how those plans can be improved for the future. We will measure the data that you might not even realize you have available. We can also suggest other data you might need to be gathering from your customer base in order to improve targeting. If you’ve got Google Analytics set up, we can use much of that data to help sketch an image of your overall performance online. If you haven’t had a chance to start gathering that data, we can set your account up day one so that we are better prepared for future analysis. Comparing marketing efforts to how your sales were affected is an essential metric for determining the success of your marketing plan. If you offer multiple services, we can see which services are helped by current marketing work and which need a little boost. If you’re not gathering the data you should be, we can start from there and begin to strategize how to help you grow.

2. Identifying Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities out there to help you increase your sales but if they go unidentified, they’re liable to be scooped up by the competition. We can help your marketing team set up their buyer research plan. Identifying a list of current customer demographics will help you target your marketing more accurately. An often overlooked strategy is to identify emerging markets of buyers. These could be younger people hitting a certain age and changing priorities. They could also be a growing ethnic or non-native English speaking group who aren’t being catered to by current marketing efforts.

3. Set Up Goals and Mission Statement

Your company needs to have an overall mission statement, plain and simple. Every action that you take should be in some way related to or an enforcement of that overall mission. Your brand’s image depends on having a strong set of values. Your growth depends on your goals and will give the outline of your overall marketing plan. Goals don’t need to be grandiose aims. They don’t have to be 20 years into the future. You can have a series of goals that build up a foundation for reinforcing your mission statement. But it’s important that you have these foundational ideas in place. Otherwise, you could risk having your team aimless and unsure of what they’re doing from day to day.

4. Report For Stakeholders and Shareholders

While the people on the floor, getting products in the hands of customers on a daily basis are the heart of your company, there are other people with interests. This includes customers and employees alike and everyone from the mailroom to the CEO. You’ll need to make sure that your marketing plan makes sense to everyone. We can help put together reports that are either catered to each tier or generalized for everyone to understand the company’s mission.

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5. Smart Media Tactics

Images, videos, and audio ads all have a role in your Parxavenue SEM plan. We can help advise you on how to use traditional and social media to your company’s advantage. With the assessment of where your customers are, we can create targeted and strategic campaigns that reinforce your base and give them attention. From there, we can find out where your emerging markets are is and begin to create a presence there. With a smarter SEO practice, SEM can find ways to appropriately use social media to build your brand voice. We can create a roadmap for your social media presence and begin to automate posting for important promotions and events.

6. A Manageable Timeline

A well-structured SEM strategy will include a timeline that takes into account your goals and how each action contributes to that goal. Parxavenue can put together a timeline for how to implement each campaign for each digital medium. For campaigns that entail video ads, we will tell you when to start shooting, when to have your final edit and when to release. We will also be able to tell you where you should run that ad for the greatest impact. Timing is everything in marketing and you can miss an opportunity simply by pulling the trigger a little too early or a little too late.

7. Anticipated Risks

Risk assessment is important to any marketing plan. We can put together a plan that shows how much ROI can be expected from any given plan and what the percentage of loss could be. Mistakes happen and campaigns fail. There’s no way to prepare for a campaign to hit every inbox and turn every reader into a customer. With a Parxavenue SEM plan in place for your business, we can mitigate risks and ensure no effort is wasted.

8. Budgeting

This is going to be the bottom line for you and whoever you need to report to. Executive teams are going to want to first know how much everything is going to cost and then how much money they’re going to make. With a modularly structured SEM plan, we can help you break into the nitty gritty with any tightwad executive who might be shy about spending money on marketing.

A Parxavenue SEM Plan Will Grow Your Business

There’s no way you can lose with a well structured SEM plan. The only thing that can get in the way of good marketing is your team. And with a clear set of goals and expectations, everyone will be set up for success. If you still have questions about how you can implement a Parxavenue SEM plan for your business, contact us for more details.

What are the Elements of a Parxavenue SEM Plan?

by Stephen Gagnon

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