Great graphics are crucial for your website to attract potential consumers. It shows that you actually put in the effort to make the site look good for them. It is not, however, the only criteria for a website that delivers results.

An ideal website also combines readable text, seamless colour combinations, and simple navigation to improve user-experience. Let’s elaborate on the three factors now!

Make Your Content Readable

Put yourself in the shoes of your consumers; would you read what’s on your website if it were chunky or flashy? There are thousands of fonts to choose from, so you can avoid visitors leaving your site within seconds. Make sure your site is easy on the eyes.

Use fonts that are visually attractive, but not overwhelming or distracting. Remember that simplicity is best.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Colours, as numerous psychology reports have shown, have a massive impact on your potential customers. They set the tone and mood of your brand. Moreover, they increase brand recognition, and strategically chosen ones boost your website’s power to persuade.

In addition to using palettes that represent your company, consider seasonal colour trends as well. For example, gradient patterns and Pantone’s colour of the Year for outstanding visuals stay in the mind of consumers.

Make Navigation Easy

Finally, site navigation is a major deciding factor for your potential customers to keep exploring your website and make a transaction or to close it and go to a competitor.

Combine good graphics with simple navigation to keep visitors on track while on your site and to help them find what they need instantly.

Parxavenue understands that people love a great digital experience. We build professional, polished and, more importantly, visually appealing websites. We help you get noticed on the web and make a good impression on your potential customers.

For web design services in Calgary, call us today!

Fonts, Colours, and Navigation: Creating an Impressive Web Design

by Stephen Gagnon

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