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Parxavenue understands that excellent web design helps the business world keep turning. Poor web design will reduce traffic, engagements, and conversion rates. Losing customers through frustration with your website’s appearance and structure is not an option. Our team of Airdrie web design specialists are happy to help design and rank your site in popular search engines, like Google. We will optimize your website’s design, from its colour scheme, font type, to its navigation, and overall user experience.

Parxavenue offers web design services in Airdrie plus, SEO, PPC, as well as content writing, and even logo design. All of our digital marketing services operate very well with our marketing strategies, which we will create for your business in particular. Our services are lengthy and in-depth; our customers/clients get a website that is appropriately optimized, to be able to build a trustworthy and reliable brand with.

What we are offering, our breakdown

Our dedicated team of Airdrie website designers and developers will build you a site which represents your business’s brand; while also appealing to your users and search engines alike. All the sites that we create are designed to rank well in search engine result pages (SERPs) while simultaneously impressing your clients. Through good website navigation, your potential clients are more likely to stay on your site and take action. Our services include:


Traditional web design so that your website looks excellent, functions correctly, and is SEO optimized.


Web development, which works closely with our technical SEO team, to make sure your website’s foundation is bullet-proof.


Mobile web design so that your website is optimized for mobile phones as well as all kinds of tablets. 95% of internet users in Airdrie own a mobile device!

Our Airdrie web design services are not limited to the aesthetics of your website. This is because Parxavenue understands that excellent website design is not simply about how your site appears. It’s about much more than that. We provide a marketing strategy that can help launch your new website, be it a complete re-brand for your business or some simple technical tweaks. Through good marketing, your customers can anxiously await your new site, while also generating interest to the general public who may not have heard of your business yet.

When it comes to hosting your website, we offer a reliable and secure web hosting service that is Canadian and affordable. Our web hosting service backs up a copy of your website every 12 hours, ensuring your site is kept safe. What’s more, our web hosting services will ensure quick loading times and more uptime – two factors that play in how search engines rank your site. What’s a website without good, useful copywriting? Our content writing services will add creativity to your site while also making your brand more three-dimensional. The content we create will resonate with your customers, engaging with them and making them dwell on your website for longer.

Websites built for SEO

At a fundamental level, an SEO-friendly website is one that allows search engines such as Google to explore and read web pages across your site. Our team will ensure, from the get-go, that all web pages are built with SEO in mind. We will do this by:


It is ensuring that your domain relates to your business. This is so that there is no confusion as to what your company does for both the user and search engines. Your website’s domain must be relevant, easy to interpret and resonate with your target market. For instance, is easy to understand and self-explanatory.


Having a reliable web hosting service. By doing so, your website will have a higher uptime ratio, and loading speeds, making navigation easier and quicker. This will impress your customers, causing them to stay on your site for much longer, and hopefully, convert.


Offering a trusted CMS. Through a CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to tweak your website’s content as trends rise and fall, you can continue optimizing your site for the SERPs.


Ensuring all of your website’s code is up to date, our web development team will use the best testing tools on the market, making sure to catch anything that could cause harm to your website’s design and SEO.

Websites built for PPC

Our team understands that web design and Pay Per Click (PPC) go hand in hand. Before we start a PPC campaign, though, our team will work with you to create a goal. Once we have a goal in mind, PPC will be used with your web design to funnel users to your site. Parxavenue can offer help with the following for web design and PPC:


Having your website optimized for PPC advertising & getting your product to appear in Airdrie’s search engines are only half the battle. The other half, which is far trickier, is having your website designed in such a way that the advertising campaign we’ve built is making use of your site. Our team will ensure all search marketing is administered correctly.


Keeping your users engaged. Once a user has clicked through to your site, you need to engage them enough so that they stay there. The best way to do this is by having easy to follow designs and clear calls to action, all which our team can help you with. Leaving potential customer confused and lost will only add frustration to the mix.

Web Design built for 2020

The digital world moves at a rapid pace, which can make it difficult for businesses to keep on top of current trends and the latest algorithm changes. Parxavenue understands the struggle, so we dedicate our services to allow for changes in the future.

Airdrie Web Design Professionals

Rather than look at the small picture, our services, skills and web designers will endeavour to consider the bigger picture so that your business continues to be productive in your industry. Our services that will futureproof your website for 2020 and beyond, include:


Keeping on top of SEO trends. Our team recognizes that SEO trends come and go. Because we offer web design as well as a marketing strategy, this package ensures that you will not only work alongside our dedicated web developers but also are marketing professionals.


Implementing PPC. Again, and like SEO, our web designers and developers will work alongside with our marketing specialists. By doing so, your website will be able to adapt to any PPC changes there may be, stopping your site from falling out of favour.


Creating and developing dynamic content. We’ve all heard it, “Content is king.” While this is, of course, somewhat correct, creating good content is not always easy. Part of good web design has entertaining, engaging, and optimized web copy that will resonate with your users while also ticking all the boxes when it comes to SEO. Our content writing services will continue to stay one step ahead of the game so that your website does not become impacted by any changes in the future.


Making room for mobile web design. Our team understands that web design does not only mean relating to a website being viewed on a desktop or laptop. Instead, your business also needs to make room for mobile web design if you are to appeal to the masses.

There’s fierce competition in Airdrie, meaning your website has to be brilliantly designed, optimized with SEO and PPC in mind, and dedicate a reasonable amount of time for your website copy.

Our services, as listed above, can help your website rise in the ranks of the search engines. Our team of web specialists are knowledgeable in what makes a site great, and through proper web design and SEO, your website could be gracing the number one spot in all search engines.

When our Airdrie web design services are aligned with our marketing packages, our teams will work with one another, as well as your business, to ensure we are creating a brand you are happy with. Our services will help build a brand that encompasses your business’s personality while providing your website functions well.

We here at Parxavenue Web Design will do nothing less than what you wish so that your web design and digital marketing goals are met.

For more information on our services and how we can help you, be sure to contact us. A member of our team can speak with you on what we can offer you, the services best suited to your needs and goals, and if you are happy with what we can provide you with, we can start collaborating and create a website strategy that is sure to impress.

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