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Building a website doesn’t end once the site is developed. Once you have your site, it’s time for the next step; hosting. Reliable hosting is an important part of your site; it focuses on how you deliver data to your customers. Since clients want access to every aspect of the site anytime, anywhere, a good hosting service is essential, which is why you need to partner with one of Calgary’s most trusted website hosting providers.

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That would be us

It’s easy to fall for hosting services that offer an “unlimited bandwidth” plan. If you value all your time and resources, don’t do it; you might end up regretting the decision. Instead, secure your brand with Parxavenue’s hosting services.

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While it’s recommended to compare prices among hosting providers, an extremely low price for hosting should make you suspicious. Parxavenue has competitive prices which provide value for your money. Our plans include excellent features that justify our costs. If you’re not a big business, you may also consider flexible payments that work for you.

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SSL- Certified

Keeping sensitive information on the Internet encrypted; SSL certification is something you should look for in a website hosting provider. Parxavenue’s SSL-certification (which comes free for the first year) helps in establishing trust with your customers, especially for e-commerce websites that require sharing private information which customers are usually hesitant to give out.

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Data Security

The Internet can be a scary place, especially for businesses. As technology continues to pick up its pace, risks for privacy breaches continue to increase. Parxavenue ensures your site is hacker-proof with our maximum data security and privacy platforms. We regularly re-calibrate our clients’ privacy protocols and data security measures. When you partner with us, we will keep you safe.

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On-Call Support

Having a live person to assist you with any hosting or professional email concerns, is tough in coming by these days. Not with us at Parxavenue. Our experienced representatives can be reached Monday to Friday from 9: AM till 5: PM to guide you through any pesky hosting issues or troubleshooting matters. You’re in good hands. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction at all times.

Faster Loading Times

Parxavenue invests great effort in building and maintaining our server architecture, which allows us to guarantee quicker loading times, despite complicated configurations and expansive content.

Data Security: Always Top Priority

Parxavenue ensures your site is as worry-free and secure with our maximum data security and privacy platforms. We regularly re-evaluate and expand our clients’ privacy protocols and data security measures. When you partner with us, we’ll keep you safe.

Packages According to Your Needs

If your site hosts only a small blog made up of texts and a few photos and videos, then having hundreds of gigabytes of web space does not make sense. Here at Parxavenue, we offer web hosting packages designed for various needs. If you need a small amount of storage, for now, but are unsure about future needs, you can always upgrade to the next package.

The Technical Support You Need

Parxavenue’s support guarantees speedy answers to queries. We understand that the complex nature of web hosting easily confuses some clients. Don’t worry; if you’ve got concerns, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help. Feel free to reach us anywhere—from the company’s contact number to email, you can reach out to us for the support you need.

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