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Technical SEO

Technical search engine optimization is best interpreted as any work completed on your website, besides the content. Our SEO Calgary agency is all about focusing on how well images and pages are optimized. This first and very important part of SEO can get quite technical but for our SEO Professionals here at Parxavenue Ltd. SEO related issues, especially within web development & web hosting is something we work on every day and are quite familiar with. This crucial element plays a big part, to help search engines like Google better crawl and rank your site.

Ignoring this step (Technical SEO) can severely impact your rankings in the SERPs. Google cares about the user experience and you should as well. In fact, 40% of users will leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Just like in construction, every home needs a good foundation. Technical SEO is the part where you lay all the groundwork for your content to be on.

Without that, your content will suffer, and it’ll create a poor experience for users. If your site is loading slowly, it not only annoys visitors but also brings you down a few notches in the rank. That also means it affects the traffic coming to your site. It won’t be steady nor be high in numbers. Why? Search engines want to know how well and how fast they can crawl your website and get your content indexed. If it takes a while to do so, they’ll label it as non-responsive.

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Another way it works is that if users can’t assess your site promptly, they’ll return to the search results and click another option. Often called “pogo-sticking,” this spells trouble for your website. Search engines can see when users do that, and in return, they punish you in the SERPs. When no one is coming to your website, how can you expect to survive? Keep in mind that everything visitors experience can be pinned on you thanks to Google’s algorithms. Once you notice a problem or start hearing complaints, get it fixed immediately. The quicker you act, the better it’ll be for your website. Think of when you visit websites. The sites which load slowly; you won’t spend much time on. What makes you think your visitors will act any differently? To be sure your site is performing the way it should conduct monthly self-audits to stay on top. Contact Parxavenue’s SEO Experts to get your free website audit today!

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On-Page SEO

This is the most common type of search engine optimization there is. It’s something every website has. It’s content, and this includes everything from blog posts to copywriting. One important factor when it comes to on-page SEO is making sure your content is good. If it’s not, no one will be interested in it. Search engines will have a hard time finding it. The way to avoid that is by making sure you’re using tactics to optimize your content to its fullest. This includes researching keywords that are relevant and being searched for often. On-page search engine optimization is about focusing on each individual page. Keywords should be placed a certain amount of times throughout the content as well as in your titles and descriptions. Once you have that, be sure to consistently upload fresh content weekly. Search engines love when new content is created and so do users. Our content writers can become quite the SEO Calgary Professionals when needed!

If your content doesn’t help or solve a problem for everyday people, it’s not going to do well. Along with technical SEO, the user needs to be in the back of your mind at all times. On-Page SEO is vital to the success of your website. Potential clients are the folks seeking out your content. You don’t want them to see poorly written content along with bad response times. If they do, how can you expect them to share your brand? On-page SEO also refers to how well your content is linkable. If you don’t encourage others to link to it, they won’t come back. Content should be accessible to everyone and shouldn’t require users to enter personal information in order to view it. If they’re expected to, they’ll most likely click off. Parxavenue has very simple contact forms to help answer specific questions that may not have been covered here, or you can simply give one of our SEO Professionals a call here in Calgary. (403) 978-1520

Professional SEO

Users and search engines both love web content that sparks a demand and causes people to share it. When content is valuable, it prompts readers to share with others. If you’re wondering how to keep developing fresh content, start by having a blog. Blogs are a great place to not only educate visitors but to keep developing a consistent flow of content. They’re also an easy way for readers to share your data. Remember that a good blog post should include relevant keywords but also be optimized itself. That includes all images and links. A great SEO Calgary company is very possible, and you don’t have to be located here to take advantage of this! Fill out our simple contact form and one of our SEO Experts will get back to you asap.

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Off-Page SEO

While you may think this type is self-explanatory, it’s not. Rather than going offline to gain more visitors, it’s about gaining traction within the online world. Think of it as word-of-mouth marketing except it’s through the internet. This type of search engine optimization focuses on sharing and link-building. When content is good, people are more inclined to share it and link to it. If they do, that’s one type of off-page SEO. Google likes it when you’re mentioned on other websites as well. It lets them know your site is legitimate and gaining popularity. When that happens, you tend to rank higher. And when you rank higher, you gain more exposure. Studies show that 75% of users don’t scroll past the first page when it comes to search results. That’s because the best ones that’ll match their inquiry to a “T” will show up first.

Another subsection of off-page SEO is social media. People can write posts relating to things that interest them. If your name comes up, it’s good for SEO. Off-Page SEO is all about promoting yourself and developing relationships with like-minded people. You need them to share your content to get ahead. If not, you won’t be able to grow your business whether in Calgary or anywhere else in Canada. Think of it this way: It’s a combination of the two SEO techniques listed above. You need to have a fast site along with optimized content. Once you have that, then comes off-page SEO. When people have good experiences on websites, they’re going to share them with people they know. In return, your site ranks higher in the SERPs.

Reputation Management

Another example of off-page SEO is the reviews your website receives. Online reputation is something you should pay close attention to nowadays. For example, if you own an e-commerce store, how can you expect people to trust they’re getting a great product? 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a recommendation. The more good reviews you can line up, the better. Focusing on these three types of search engine optimization is a great way to help your business improve visibility and improve its search engine ranking. Contact Parxavenue’s SEO Experts in the contact form below or call today at (403) 978-1520

Building Stronger Customer Loyalty

Your customers are your most valuable asset. Keeping them or inviting them to be your customers, however, can become a struggle. Due to the fast-paced nature of today’s environment, people don’t like delays. They are not big fans of commercials or junk mail. Our SEO expert services will help you generate new customers. When people search for a product or ask questions, they will find your web page. Work with Parxavenue and own the results which come up in first!

Return on Investment

We’ve already established how impactful local SEO can be for businesses. But how much does it cost? Local SEO is one of the best marketing strategies you can choose to maximize your return on investment. Consider how expensive other types of marketing can be. You can spend thousands of dollars on outbound marketing approaches like television and print ads and never be able to track your conversions. Likewise, you could be spending significant dollars on pay-per-click campaigns that never result in real tangible customers. Maybe you’ve been burned by one of these advertising methods in the past. Why is local SEO Calgary a better choice? It can help you yield a massive return on your investment.

Local SEO services in Calgary helps you build your organic traffic over time. While other campaigns are limited to a specific timeframe, local SEO only grows stronger every day. Your traffic leads, and conversions will continue to grow long after you’ve made your initial investment in an SEO campaign via Parxavenue Ltd. Your SEO campaign can yield long-term results that bring you new leads and conversions for years to come. As a result, you can benefit from a much higher return on investment than with other outreach efforts.

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We will not stop working until your targeted keywords are on the first pages of search engines. We should acknowledge that mobile devices are now the most popular way to browse the internet! Without a website that is 100% responsive for all devices, your web pages will never rank as high as your competitors. Our responsibility is to build you a responsive website. A site which maintains full functionality on all devices. It’s easy to let your site become buried under hundreds of competitor sites. We will help you rise above the rest with our comprehensive Custom Search Engine Optimization.

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