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Do you have a clean link building strategy in place?

Google’s practice of looking at the link profile of a website has been around since the beginning. However, the importance of link building Calgary and link building services hasn’t diminished over time. More than ever, high-quality backlinks continue to be a big deal for improving the presence of your business on the web. Google has rolled out many new algorithms over the years. None of these have led to a solid backlink building strategy being any less important. When working to improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website, one of the main ways to build your site’s authority is link building.

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What is Link Building?

Link building refers to the process of getting inbound links to your website from external sources. These links that come from external sites are also known as “backlinks.” Link building services and strategies will help to attain these external backlinks. SEO experts have the skills to earn these valuable backlinks. In turn, backlinks help your site and business to grow. However, link building is not as simple as getting any and every site on the web to provide you with a referring link. The process is a bit more complicated since not all links are created equally. You want to be sure that you only get “high-quality links.” Otherwise, you may end up getting on Google’s bad side, which is, of course, the opposite of what you want to achieve.

Good Links vs. Bad Links

There’s no doubt; Google knows what they’re doing. Google’s many algorithms are complicated, and their search engine is more than able to tell the difference between “good links” and “bad links.” While it’s perfectly fine to work on getting backlinks to your site, there are good ways and bad ways to do this. We have good link building practices which are known as “white hat” while bad link building practices are known as “black hat.” Blackhat SEO strategies should be avoided at all costs, or you may risk making your search rankings plummet.

Once upon a time, Google used all links available on the web to determine a website’s value. But these days, thanks to algorithm updates like Google Penguin, it’s not so simple. The number of backlinks is important, but the quality of the backlinks matters even more. As a general rule, good links come from authority sites. Authority sites that link to your own will provide genuine high-quality content and value to visitors. Bad links are paid links or spammy links. These links have been attained by using sneaky blackhat SEO strategies and come from sites with no authority in the eyes of Google.

SEO experts will address the difference between these and will be able to attain high- quality backlinks for your site. Trusted link building services will only use white hat link building strategies and avoid black hat tactics.

Why Link Building Services Matter

By now, you may be starting to understand the importance of link building services and the need for high-quality backlinks. Any serious business needs to be working on building their backlink strategy and make SEO a top priority. Since Google plays such a huge part in web traffic, it is no wonder why it is important to do everything that you can to appear worthy in the eyes of Google. “Making nice” with Google can certainly improve your website’s traffic and can help build your business. It’s simple enough: the more traffic you get, the more business you get.

Link building matters because Google looks to external links to see where your site stands in the world wide web. If other high-authority sites seem to see your site as worthwhile and relevant, Google will take notice. Google crawls many web pages every day, and when it notices that your site is often mentioned, it comes to understand that your site matters. Google also uses this data to define what topics and keywords your website is relevant for. Google not only recognizes that your site is important but will also classify your site and determine why it is important.

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Referral Traffic

Backlinks also lead to referral traffic, which can also be incredibly helpful for your website. When other authority sites link to your site, many people will end up clicking on your website link. This is the online equivalent of getting a personal recommendation for your business. In addition to improved Google search rankings, referral traffic can bring even more interested business to your site.

Credibility and Brand Awareness

Link building services can also help to build your business credibility and raise awareness about your brand. White hat link building strategies such as guest posting can help you connect with other leaders in your industry. When your business name appears in other places on the web that are relevant to your industry, the credibility of your business will be boosted. People who are reading about your business on these other websites will see your name and your brand recognition will be increased.

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Purchasing link building Calgary services can be a significant decision that can pay dividends in the long run. A strong web presence can do a lot to improve the longevity of your business. Neglecting the online aspects of your business can be easy. But, the truth is that many more people are looking for businesses and services in search engines these days. Whether it be on their phone, their computer, a tablet, or other devices, search engines are one of the primary places people look for information. It’s important that your site comes up as one of the first results on Google and other search engines. Link building is one of the best ways to do this. If you’re looking for professional link building services, contact Parxavenue today.

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