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You have a Google Ads account and are trying to promote and monetize your website even further. You’re on a high path. But in what ways can you monetize your site? Did you ever think Pay Per Click (PPC) could help you make some extra money? The root of exposure and income is advertising. But can PPC indeed help gain traffic and revenue? It sure can, but you have to be smart about your PPC strategies. If you’re in Calgary, you can start by contacting us and utilizing pay per click services from Parxavenue Web Design. Read this page and start improving your Google Ads campaign.

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Return on Investments

Google Adwords is an advertising platform run by Google. Since Google is the most significant search engine platform, your website will gain a lot more traffic. This happens when your ads generate a high click-through rate. More visitors will see your ads, and you’ll attract more website visitors.

Your ad’s quality score will rise higher if you have an excellent well-written landing page, and especially if your website is mobile responsive. It’s essential that your landing page is relevant to your ad. You want to generate more traffic with ads, but you want to keep your audience on your website.

Pay per click services from Parxavenue will help create catching and relevant ads, but can also assist in the design and search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. They will make sure you’re utilizing UI/UX to make sure your website looks great on mobile. When this happens, you fully optimize the benefits of Google Ads. You’ll receive a high score, and your conversion rate will be excellent.

Much More Traffic

You may think it’s easy to create your PPC ads, but how well do you truly know about pay per click strategies? Sure you may know your customers and audience, but do you understand how to attract them? Parxavenue will help you comprehend what keywords indeed work for your brand. We can create several ads about one keyword, or a few ads but with different keywords. How do they utilize the ads? With the corresponding landing page. If you’re promoting a sale on your landing page. The service will use a keyword corresponding to your brand with ‘sale’ attached. We’ll run different campaigns toward any changes on your homepage. Also, these services will take time and find out which keywords truly work and which ones don’t. You may not have all of that extra time to devote to your Google Ads campaign, but Parxavenue’s PPC experts do!

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Quality Score

Your Google Adwords quality score has a tremendous impact on the cost of your ads. When Google measures the performance of each ad, they base the value of this factor. These are the factors of your quality score:

  • Click-Through Rate

  • Keyword Relevance

  • Your Landing Page

  • Your Ad Text

  • Your Past Ad Performance

Parxavenue Ltd. can create ads and utilize keywords in a way that helps your quality score. This way, you’ll save money on ads, generate revenue, and receive a significant ROI.

Packages And Pricing

Create New Ads

One of the biggest mistakes non-professional pay per click users make is being lazy when creating new ads. This is especially true for those who have a high-quality score. So why should you make new ads? Well, new ads continue to improve your click-through and conversion rates. Even small changes or alterations can make a big difference. By testing new ads, you’re giving your ads more leverage. However, you may not be able to track your current ad campaigns while creating new ones. We will monitor your current ads while testing new ones.


What does this mean? Non-professional Google Ad users usually assume Google acts in specific ways automatically. One of these examples is lowering costs. Lowering keyword costs helps to improve your quality score. But this is something you have to control yourself. If a non-professional pay per click user notices their Ad campaign is working, they will leave it alone. While that’s not wrong, you can still improve your Google Ads quality score even further. But this takes time, such as analyzing the amount you’re paying for your CPC and testing how you can optimize your ads further by lowering your CPC. You’ll increase your quality score, but will save money will receiving more revenue and ad traffic. We will also know when to alter your pay per click campaigns and when to test out new strategies.

Finding Time

If you need to improve your web traffic, pay per click via Google Ads is the best way to help increase your website’s awareness. But performing your ad campaigns can be difficult. Hire a professional who knows the ins and outs of Google Ads to optimize your pay per click strategies. Does your company’s website need more presence on Google? We’re experts who can help increase your PPC performance.

Using Keywords

How can a keyword be positive and negative? Positive keywords are the keywords you’ll use in your ad campaigns. Let’s say you are a photographer. Some of these keywords could include ‘camera,’ ‘photo,’ or ‘portrait.’

But negative keywords are results that appear in your search query. However, they have nothing to do with your brand. Going back to the photography example, some of these negative keywords may include ‘wedding day,’ ‘wildlife’ and ‘sports.’

So the next step is pretty obvious: remove negative keywords. Negative keywords won’t give you results or traffic, therefore lowering your quality score and wasting lots of time and money. But how do you know what’s a negative keyword and what isn’t? Maybe you do a lot of wedding photography, and you think ‘wedding day’ might be good for a keyword campaign. However, ‘wedding day’ is very vague, and you may lose hits to DJs or florists. Our Google Ad Pay per click experts here in Calgary will research and understand what is considered positive and negative keywords for your brand. We agree that a lot of time and money goes into keyword ads, so they find the best keywords to invest.

Google Ads Pay Per Click Calgary

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