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Much more people are interested in developing mobile websites today, which is why Parxavenue offers mobile web design services. Most people now are using mobile devices instead of desktop computers. Life has changed dramatically since the arrival of the Internet, and it’s here to stay. But that doesn’t mean it will stay in one place. How people use, the web continues to change. As a result, our web designers need to reevaluate how they build a website today.

There are many different variables at play which dictate how we design a website, and subsequently, the site’s success. Let’s examine why it’s critical to adapt to these changes and the different ways to make your website viewable on all devices. If you haven’t asked yourself, “Is my website viewable on all devices?” yet, you’re at risk of being overpowered by your competition. Mobile friendly websites are also great mediums for video marketing! As previously mentioned, more people are viewing websites on mobile devices than desktop computers. And it’s a trend that will only continue as mobile phones and other devices become more affordable.

Remember, time is precious for the person using your website. They can’t wait around for a slow loading web page. And if the website is difficult to navigate from their device, they will move on to a different site entirely. To keep customers and clients happy (or to keep them), building a website viewable on all mobile devices is of the utmost importance.

Why It’s Important

Designing a website which caters to all devices wins the favour of search engines, not just the hearts of mobile users. Having a site designed for all devices isn’t a guaranteed win, however. Other considerations need to be accounted for, such as overall SEO strategy, user experience, navigation, and aesthetics. Only when all these different elements are taken into consideration will a website viewable on all devices stand apart from the rest.

Making a site viewable on varying devices creates a unique challenge for developers, though. It’s no longer a matter of writing code for different browsers. Now it requires code for various platforms. Consumers like variety, much to the chagrin of web developers. But the fact remains that mobile web design is now at the forefront of both the user experience and search algorithms. The importance of having a website viewable on different devices cannot be stressed enough. But the fact remains that mobile is now at the forefront of both the user experience and search algorithms. The importance of having a website viewable on different devices cannot be stressed enough.

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Mobile Web Design

Designing a website viewable on different platforms has created a new level of complexity for the world of web design. As such, there are a few different design methods to consider when it comes down to creating a website viewable on numerous products.

Below are the three most important terms used to describe mobile web design strategies:


The “mobile-friendly design” is a term used to describe a website built for accurate display on both a mobile device and a desktop or laptop computer. With this design method, a site is completely functional on conventional computers and will work well on phones.

Mobile Optimized

A mobile optimized website design is what the name implies, but it also takes the design a step further and allows the site to reformat itself on the fly. This, of course, depends on the type of device attempting to access the website. A mobile optimized website will appear different on each device, but unlike mobile-friendly design, the website is, you guessed it, optimized for viewing on mobile devices. This design includes features such as larger fonts and buttons, simplified navigation, and reduced graphics to speed up load times.

Responsive Design

Finally, we have the latest evolutionary trend, and this design method is by far the most flexible of the three mobile design methods. Rather than formatting a website to cater to a particular device, responsive web design reacts to the screen size of a device. This offers a broad range of flexibility and ensures your site will be viewable on all devices. This method is by far the best investment when optimizing a website for use on mobile devices.

Search Engine Updates

To earn and keep your rankings on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), a website must keep up to date with updates made to search engine algorithms. In 2015, Google rolled out a new update which gave their mobile-friendly algorithm higher priority. This update was terrible news for anyone that didn’t already have some mobile optimization. Those that did were left unaffected by the update. The purpose of the update was to increase the value of which mobile-friendly design was rated. That is, mobile-friendly websites got a boost.

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Considering the previously mentioned mobile-friendly update, any current or future SEO strategy should place a heavy emphasis on mobile-friendly designs. Other, more conventional elements of an SEO strategy should remain the same, such as high-quality content and a coherent link structure. Preferably, a mobile SEO strategy should include features that are critical to the function of a mobile website. These elements include responsive mobile web design (which is Google’s recommended design method) and using different URL formats.

Clean Mobile Structures

Any approach to web design should give priority to the end user rather than, for example, providing the Googlebot what it wants. But, in turn, creating a website for the user is, in fact, developing a site for search engines. Search engine algorithms prefer clean structures and ease of use. When coupled with a cohesive SEO strategy, a well-designed website can look just as sharp on a mobile device as it does a full-size computer screen. Mobile web design might have changed some of the core fundamentals, but the end goal remains the same: getting and keeping people on your website.

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