1.8 million words. That’s the written equivalent of one minute of video, according to some research into information retention, education, and overall experience. Even the best content creator, with all the resources and time in the world, wouldn’t be able to write such a spectacularly dense article. Fitting so much in one piece is considered fluff, but in videos, the delivery is smooth and clear.

This is not to belittle content, which is a viable marketing strategy itself. Google likes it as something that establishes your authority. Video content, however, is fundamentally better. It rides on the basic premise that showing how something works is better than reading about how something works. The practicality of it, the ease of understanding, makes it a very useful SEO (search engine optimization) tool. When we’re talking about making it big cities like Calgary, video marketing has a lot to offer.

The Numbers

By now and in so many metrics, videos are a superior method for marketing. For one, it’s visible to the point that 80% of all Internet traffic in 2019. It means that it will become the dominant presence in your biggest marketplace. Conversion rates also rank at 80%, and 92% of mobile video consumers let their friends/followers know what they’re watching.

It keeps going from there. 64% of users are more likely to buy something online. It all points to one thing: it contributes to any SEO strategy. In selling an idea or a product, showing them the reality, or at least something visual, will help them better understand.

Why It’s Under-utilized

In the SEO landscape right now, it’s not hard to understand why video remains under-utilized in many sectors: it’s bandwidth heavy. You don’t need statistics to determine that videos aren’t what users, mobile users at that, want consuming the bulk of their data. But, consensus says that optimizing for mobile users should be your priority right now. Contradicting, but easy to understand. It’s because the sheer number of mobile users is overwhelming that it’s impossible to ignore them, much less not putting them on top of your priorities.

Furthermore, what makes this an ideal tool to complement your SEO campaign is that it’s more effective in delivering a message. If visibility is SEO’s first objective, making the right impression and connecting with your market comes a close second. These aspects enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship, and the efficiency that video brings will trickle down to your campaign’s different aspects. Considering that any video post contains keywords, branding, tags, links and sharing capabilities, it’s undeniably beneficial to any marketing effort.

A System in Place

Say what you will about video marketing, there is an established system in using it. There’s YouTube, of course, but there are many ways that you’ll be able to use videos. It’s effective as a part of your homepage, it’s in good company with ads and information retention in viewers is really high.

So, will 2017 be the year of video marketing? The odds are that it’s a big possibility, but its rise isn’t harmless nor should it be your sole driver of traffic. SEO, as a whole, is still much better. Combining the two approaches will put you in better stead.

There’s so much in video SEO that the possibilities are endless. More than that, it’s where good content finds legs and make a mark.

Why Genuinely Good Content Shines via Video Marketing

by Parxavenue

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