Many people don’t realize that, when they live in Canada and use, they are redirected to the Canadian version of the search engine. It seems obvious, but if you’re considering opening a business here, you’ll have to analyze your business’ ranking on, not, when performing SEO. Furthermore, the organic results found on differ significantly than those on its American counterpart. Below, you’ll find a few tips to ensure that your Canadian company ranks as high as possible in

Canada’s Google organic results.

Use Google’s Webmaster Tools to Choose Canada as a Geographic Target
Google’s WebMaster tool is handy for site owners, no matter how big their business may be. This tool offers in-depth information on how the search engines see your website, and it allows you to set a geographic region to target. As a Canadian business owner, you’ll have to set it to your home country to achieve optimal results.

Include Canada in Your Site

For Google to recognize that your site is Canadian, you’ll have to get the country on there however possible. Put the country’s name into title tags, page names, and more. Use location-based keywords in alt tags, image filenames, and descriptions. For instance, if you’re selling your own brand of locally made maple syrup, include your city’s name in the product photo, details, captions, and HTML information.

Don’t Forget to Give Your Address

Local SEO is just as important in Canada as it is for our neighbours to the south. If you’re running a local business, it’s crucial to get the company’s physical address on website pages, preferably in the footer or in the Contact Us section.

Create Regional Pages

By talking about Canadian regions, you’ll give your site a unique flavour and make take notice. Target different provinces, cities, and areas by creating area-specific pages on your website. You can’t just do it once and get away with it, either; Google won’t know how to rank you highly for your chosen regions or cities unless you keep mentioning them on your page.

Get Great Links From Canada’s Top Websites

This is one of the most difficult steps on the list, but it’s also one of the most important. Don’t just go for inbound links from other sites; try to get them from Canadian sites. While this step requires significant effort, it pays substantial dividends. prefers relevant, specific content, and to that end, you should keep your topics clear and concise. However, it’s essential to include at least 500-600 words on each page, or you’ll face Google’s thin content penalty.
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Build Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Another way to have Google Canada notice your site is to make it mobile-friendly. Most people, when shopping, use their mobile devices to do research and perform comparisons. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure that your site renders well on smartphones and tablets. Be sure to add your mobile site’s URL to the sitemap. By telling which parts of your site are mobile-friendly, your site will rank higher in the Canadian search results.

Increase Page Speeds

Internet shoppers are a notoriously impatient bunch, and they’re used to receiving nearly instant gratification. If your site takes too long to load, whether it’s on a desktop or a mobile device, they’ll go somewhere else. To help boost your site’s ranking in Google Canada’s search results, check its page speed; a score above 90 is optimal.

Use Targeted Keywords

Whenever possible, include your target keywords or phrase in your site’s URLs. While this is difficult to do on the homepage, it’s easy to do on service pages, local pages, and blog posts.

Use a Province- or Country-Specific Domain

When building your business’ website, consider purchasing a .ca or a provincial domain so Google will quickly identify the site as Canadian. The search engine will allow you to manually add your location if you’re using an international domain, such as .net or .com.

Manually Submit the Site to Canadian Search Engines

• Submit your corporate website to city, provincial, and country-wide directories such as CdnPages and Canada One Business Directory.
• Submit the site to larger directories that facilitate local searches, such as Bing’s Business Portal and the Open Directory Project.
With these tips, your Canadian business’ organic rankings will increase in no time at all.


While the basics of SEO are the same in the USA and Canada, there are a few significant differences as shown here. Country-specific SEO is becoming more critical by the day, whether the company is Canadian or merely targeting the country’s consumers. To succeed, it’s crucial to understand the uniqueness of Canada’s marketplace. By hiring a Canadian firm for search engine optimization, you’re more likely to rise to the top of’s search results.

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