Building a website can be easy. Creating a website that retains excellent viewership and boosts sales, however, can be a heavy cross to carry.

Here are three signs your website needs a complete overhaul:

Deteriorating Search Traffic

People find websites by typing keywords in a search bar. It’s important for websites to measure their success by the metrics of its web search traffic on Google. Bad web optimization may be the one to blame for a website’s declining traffic.

In creating websites, web designers should take SEO into consideration. A redesign with a heavy focus on keyword search and excellent user experience will bring back a website’s chances of ranking higher on Google.

High Bounce Rates

Once you’ve garnered enough viewers for traffic, another problem arises: keeping them there.

The bounce rate shows a website’s speed of visitor turnover. The shorter the stay of your visitors, the higher your bounce rate will be. SEO services in Calgary are saying that a rate of 55% and above is a cause for concern – finding out why they leave should be your priority.

Slow loading time, unresponsive layouts, and a sloppy structure can cause visitors to leave websites immediately. Design your website to be simple, crisp, and fun for your viewers. Optimize it for mobile users as well, since a lot of traffic may come from phones and tablets.

Low Conversion Numbers

The most important sign of a failed web design is weak sales. You could be paying thousands of dollars for web design services, but if the investment doesn’t manifest in your profit, you should probably hire someone better.

Experts suggest using a persona for customer interaction. Web users love it when they have someone to talk to. Ensure that your business persona is someone they’d want to be friends with. The more at ease they are with a persona, the more likely they will trust your brand.

Are you ready for a web design overhaul? Talk to a representative from Parxavenue today and we’ll give you exactly what you need for better online visibility.


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