What’s the Point of Building a Website if No One Will See It?

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Just about everyone understands that online marketing is rapidly overtaking other strategies. The number of new websites created every day is staggering, which suggests every site will face increasing competition regardless of their industry. With over two million searches each minute, Google and the other search engines control who will see your site. That means your website design must be second to none to generate business.

Getting Started

Web development is far more complex than the majority of people are led to believe. In many cases, organizations try to save money by using one of the countless free templates currently available. However, basic templates don’t allow the level of originality it takes to create a truly effective, attractive and, at the same time, profitable site.

Web design experts understand the appeal of simplified site designs but caution anyone contemplating using one to first discuss their plans with a professional. Far too many sites lack the basic elements necessary to achieve any significant success in the current hyper-competitive online marketplace. It’s our goal to make sure your site doesn’t fall into that category.

Understanding Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Before we start to design a webpage for a client, it’s always important to fully understand what the client’s short- and long-term objectives are. In some cases, companies don’t really have established objectives, which means any website is likely to be less than effective. Once we’ve determined what a client’s goals are, it’s far easier to suggest a path to online marketing success.

Another issue everyone faces is the tendency to expect too much too soon from a new website. While it’s true, there are times when a site will experience almost immediate success, that’s rarely the case. Generally, it takes some time to establish a site and move it to the top of the search engine returns. Being optimistic is good, but not to the point the expectations become unrealistic.

Take a Holistic Approach to Web Design

In the past, even websites that lacked a cohesive, comprehensive design would experience some degree of success. With the heated competition now facing all online businesses, that’s no longer likely to be true. The very way web design is evolving suggests it’s crucial that a more holistic approach is taken when updating an ageing website or creating a new one.

Just what does taking a holistic approach mean? Quite simply, it means being aware of all the variables currently impacting the success of a website and taking steps to use those variables to your organization’s advantage. Rather than focusing on one element and expecting dramatic results, it’s now necessary to explore a variety of online marketing strategies to determine which ones will garner the best results. When the point is to design a site that builds a business, it makes no sense to do so without knowing which marketing tools will generate the highest returns.

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What Elements Does a Website Need to Succeed Today?

That question doesn’t have a simplistic answer, as every organization is different and requires a website that’s customized to meet their needs. However, there are some elements that will be important for the success of any site.

  • Every website will require, to one extent or another, an attractive layout that’s geared to meet the needs of site visitors. Failing to analyze the needs of a target market will normally lead to a less-than-optimal design.
  • Sites will need to load quickly, as site visitors today tend to abandon a site that doesn’t respond within a couple of seconds. Since there are tools readily available to determine how quickly sites load, there is no longer any excuse for a site to load slowly.
  • Mobile devices are now dominating the online marketing world. All sites must be easily accessed and viewed on smartphones and tablets to remain competitive. The search engines already penalize sites that are not mobile-friendly.
  • Take advantage of analytics to enhance a site’s performance. Tracking a site’s results makes it possible to correct problems when needed to enhance performance.
  • Social media sites are increasingly important, suggesting your site must be easily accessible from a variety of social media platforms your target market tends to visit. Since social media itself is rapidly evolving, staying abreast of changes here is extremely important.
  • Converting site visits to bottom-line profits isn’t always easy, but there are proven techniques that encourage clients to move from simply seeking information to buying products or services. That’s one of the most important elements of web design.

Of course, there are other things to consider as well, and our team is prepared to review your needs to determine which ones should be included in your organization’s website design.

Building Your Brand Is an On-Going Process

While that may sound a bit like a cliché, it’s a reality every organization needs to face. With a rapidly evolving online marketing environment, changing your website’s design and content on a regular basis will be a basic requirement for success in the future.

An effective website design must engage visitors, and creating a long-term plan to analyze who is visiting a site and how those visitors are reacting to the content is going to be crucial. In some cases, it’ll be relatively simple to add or remove specific content customers want or, conversely, don’t want. Our website design team provides ways for clients to quickly update, change, or remove information as needed. Customers won’t have to worry about outdated information being on the site when routine updates are made.

Now Is the Time to Act

If you’re updating an old site or exploring options for a new one, it doesn’t pay to wait. Your competitors are not going to. For web development strategies that work, contact our team of design professionals today. Regardless of the type of business, our team members have the skills necessary to propel your organization to a new level. It’s easy to get started. Just contact the staff members, and we’ll work with you to determine how to create and manage a website your clients will actually see.

What’s the Point of Building a Website if No One Will See It?

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