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What is SEO?

SEO rankings are not just a matter of chance. They are carefully orchestrated, and they are the result of productive hard work.

The SEO services that we offer are second to none. We know how to communicate with search engines helpfully and productively, and we know the ins and outs of everything from keywords to website auditing.

Our SEO strategists in Airdrie will help you transform your startup into a market leader by improving it to rise within search engine result pages (SERPs).

We always work alongside you, to draw up a marketing plan that is sure to optimize everything about your website. After working with us, you’ll be sure to attract your target audience.

SEO definition still troubling you, then let us clear it up for you. It stands for “search engine optimization”, and it is crucial for websites that want to promote themselves and attract internet traffic. More to the point, it is the act of trying to get a site to appear near the top of search engine results pages, whenever a search is conducted in its market. There are many ways to tackle SEO in an attempt to make it work for you. You could go down the organic route, for instance, or you could hire an expert to come and help you out with regards to it.

There’s no shame in taking the latter route, and doing so could shave years off of your attempt to rank higher. Only an expert will be able to strategize your attempt at SEO, and only an expert will be able to advise you with regards to what specific search queries you need to use. To increase your online visibility quickly, you’re going to need an expert SEO company by your side. Amongst other things, they will assist you with regards to the many different aspects of SEO. Some of these different types include:

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Technical SEO

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The lowdown

Technical SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website for crawling and indexing. Through technical SEO, search engines can crawl, interpret and index your site much more easily.

It’s called “technical,” because the process has nothing to do with a website’s content promotion. Instead, its goal is to optimize a website’s infrastructure. While technical jargon can be off-putting, our team of professionals are here to help you understand the process and all that needs to be done.

Digging Deep

The SEO services we offer are exclusively designed with our client’s in mind and are kept up-to-date. New algorithms, rules, and regulations are kept a close eye on, so your technical SEO campaign continues to reign supreme. Parxavenue will optimize:

Technical SEO refers to all of the backend work that is done to help Google crawl and index your website, some of which overlaps with standard web design projects. This is diligent, painstaking work, requiring site audits, reviews and comprehensive assessments of virtually every aspect of your site architecture to improve performance and search ranking.

Furthermore, our team will ensure your website is optimized for mobile devices, as this is imperative. You must ensure your website can be read, browsed and opened properly across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Once your technical SEO is up to code, we can help you optimize the rest. Technical, on-page, and off-page SEO all work in harmony, and when done so correctly, it can create an unstoppable digital marketing campaign that’ll rival your competitors.

On-Page SEO

Quite simply, on-page SEO is related to the content you have on your website. It is the practice of optimizing the content on individual web pages so that your website ranks higher and earns more relevant traffic in search engines. On-page refers to the content and the HTML source code.

Our Airdrie SEO professionals will keep an eye on any updates Google has implemented, and how it could impact your current digital marketing strategy. New campaigns will be developed and applied before any harm can come to your current ranking in the SERPs.

What makes good on-page content?

We at Parxavenue understand what makes good on-page content.
Firstly, content must:

Airdrie SEO Search Engine Optimization

It should also be relevant and be search engine friendly. Our team will dedicate keyword research so that your content is targeting the best keywords for your business.

How do I make content search engine friendly?

Parxavenue recognizes that creating on-page content that ticks all the boxes can be an almighty task. When writing your content, remember that good content supplies a demand, is shareable and, most importantly, linkable.

Our team of dedicated experts can help with the implementing of keywords, anchor texts and layout of the web pages. We will offer advice on everything from the bulk of the copy to the title and URL, as well as the best way to use internal linking.

On-page SEO requires a wide variety of skills and tools to fully optimize your website for maximum user engagement and search ranking. From the experienced writers needed to create compelling copy to designers who can produce custom-made images for every page on your site, it’s a lot of work that covers a lot of ground.

A full-service digital marketing agency can help cover any gaps in your in-house team’s areas of expertise.

Off-Page SEO

Most people associate off-page SEO with link building, however, it is so much more than that. A general overview of off-page SEO is that it is a practice that improves the position of a website in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Link building, though, is the most popular form of off-page SEO.

The idea of link building is to get other websites with a high Domain Authority (DA) to link back to your website. These natural backlinks will help build a genuine and relevant alliance with other business owners, while also making your brand look trustworthy.

Reaching websites with a high DA can be difficult, which is why our Parxavenue link building outreach program can help build bridges between your business and bloggers and other businesses alike. Once our Airdrie SEO team has helped with outreach, they can then progress with content that uses natural backlinks to boost your ranking in the SERPs.

Off Page SEO Backlinks Airdrie

Parxavenue can help with other non-link-related SEO methods, too

These include:

Off-page SEO, when utilized, needs to be done so correctly. Otherwise, you run the risk of being associated with a spammy, less than authoritative sites which can harm your reputation and rank in the SERPs. Through our expertise, though, we can help build a reputable brand image and increase your search engine ranking.

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Press Releases
On-page blog posts
Google My Business

Local SEO

Parxavenue Google Local Map Pack

Our experts understand that for certain businesses, it is their ties to a geographical location that helps drive business to their door. Parxavenue can, therefore, help your business bring in more traffic through the best local Airdrie SEO methods our professionals have to offer you.

Local SEO Counts!

Through our practices, we will help promote your products and/or services to local customers. Our SEO team in Airdrie will do this through a variety of methods. However, the most useful means of improving your local standing in the SERPs is improving your visibility in the ‘local pack,’ sometimes known as the ‘3-pack.’
Our team will help your business develop an in-depth and fully-optimized Google My Business (GMB) profile, which is a critical element to local SEO. GMB is your business profile on Google, and it feeds information to the local pack and Google Maps search, heightening your local business’s visibility.
Parxavenue will help with:

Your GMB profile
Managing reviews

If your company or organization primarily does business in Airdrie, maximizing your local SEO performance will be critical to driving potential customers in the region to your site or brick-and-mortar store. Parxavenue’s team of local SEO’s do have a great deal of experience improving every aspect of SEO.

Of those, “Google My Business” is arguably the most important component to marketing a local company in any region, including Airdrie. Our team will work with you to ensure your business lands in the local map pack which appears in Google SERPs. These top three slots for local search results are prime real estate and the best way to get your business in front of search engine users looking for services in your area.

Other local SEO services include ensuring your Google My Business profile and business information is accurate and up to date, as well as encouraging customers to leave reviews and ratings to improve your local SEO performance.

From mom-and-pop operations to massive enterprise corporations, no organization can ignore the impact that SEO has on its long-term prospects. Parxavenue’s SEOs have all the skills, experience, and the know-how needed to manage every aspect of search engine optimization and help you grow your business in our digital age. Our team is ready to help our SEO clients realize their full potential from their search engine marketing strategies.

Provincial SEO

Think of local SEO, but bigger. Parxavenue understands that businesses do not always fall into the local or national category, but somewhere in between. Therefore, our team of search engine experts will strive to help your business develop an SEO strategy that will reach your provincial customers.

To do this, we will help with the development of a digital marketing plan that will reach your regional customers without the price tag associated with a national SEO campaign. We will create a strategy that incorporates technical, on-page and off-page SEO that’ll cover the scope of the area you wish to target.

National SEO

Businesses wanting to target customers on a national level will need to expand their reach and have an SEO strategy that is able to reach customers far and wide. To help businesses target further afield and on a national level, keywords will need to be adapted and carefully targeted, along with the inclusion of press release statements and Google ads marketing – all of which we at Parxavenue can help you with.

Parxavenue national SEO services

We will combine technical SEO with on and off page SEO, creating the perfect trifecta that’ll expand your reach and improve your online visibility. Our services will cover:

National SEO Parxavenue Arrows

We at Parxavenue pride ourselves in offering complete and in-depth SEO services that’ll help all business types and models. Whether you need to target local customers or want to take a whole nation by storm, we have the digital marketing campaign for you.

Our professionals will work with you in creating an online presence your customers cannot ignore, and with marketing services that can be conveniently packaged for your business and its needs in mind. We will tailor our search engine optimization services to your liking, as well as audit and improve your search engine rankings.

Be sure to contact us for any further information. A member of our team will more than happily discuss the next steps in your SEO journey to online visibility success.

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