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Customers are routinely drawn to products because of their logos as much as their actual names. Legendary logos like those of Coca-Cola and Nike are good examples. Today, far too many companies fail to give their logos the time and thought they deserve.

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Logos serve to represent a company. Customers in Airdrie are either attracted to a company logo or put off by it. When your business reputation is at stake, it pays to create a logo that’s going to put the company name out where it’s seen and respected. The logo should also be used across all platforms to create a sense of brand unity. That means it must look as nice on a letterhead as it does on a highway billboard.

Paying Attention to the Details

Industry experts always recommend using care when selecting every aspect of a logo’s design. That means the colours, fonts, and shapes used must be attractive and blend well together. There have been significant psychological studies conducted over the years that suggest even a slight difference in colour can quickly alter the tone of a logo. The fonts selected must convey a feeling that’s in line with the company’s objectives.

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Make It Memorable

It can’t be emphasized enough that a logo must be memorable. That’s why the initial logo design must be created carefully. Once a logo is introduced, it’s not easy to change it. Companies that have done so have met with some success, but it’s difficult to get consumers to accept a change.

Take The Time To Plan

The design of a company’s logo should never be rushed, as doing so leads to less-than-stellar results. Even the smallest details must be carefully considered, as a logo that looks good on printed materials may not transfer as well to the product itself.

Of course, there are multiple ways company leaders can approach a logo’s design. While the most successful logos are relatively simple, there may be times when a more complicated design will work well. However, it’s always important to remember that people tend to remember simpler designs much more often than they will recall complicated ones.

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Consider the Five Most-Common Logo Types

If you look at all the different logos commonly seen in advertising, most will easily fall into one of five categories. That’s been true for many years and is unlikely to change anytime shortly. But, which one is best for your company? That’s where the help of web design experts can help, as making that type of decision can be difficult. Check out the pros and cons of each option before making a decision.


Symbol or Icon

This type of logo has been used for years and is arguably one of the most effective. The best symbols or icons are straightforward in design but are also quite boldly styled. Who doesn’t, for example, recognize the Apple logo? While the company has changed the logo’s colour at times, the basic shape is always the same. Even people who’ve never owned an Apple device easily recognize the company logo.


Word Mark

Word marks are logos that spell out the company name. Here’s where carefully selecting the logo’s font is critical. An excellent example of this logo style is FedEx. That logo is used on all their advertising, delivery vehicles, and employee uniforms. It works well in any size and is highly recognizable. Another good example is the Jeep logo. It’s simple and has served the brand well through several brand owners. 


Letter Mark

Letter marks are great to use, as the public tends to quickly recall them even when they’re seen out of context. Look at sports teams. Virtually every team has a unique logo that sets them apart from the other league members. Think of the New York Yankees as an example. Everyone recognizes the stylized “NY” the team has used for years, and even non-New Yorkers know that logo.

Basic Types of Logos


In a nutshell, an emblem logo is a design of some type that includes the company name. For example, look at Harley-Davidson’s iconic logo. The company’s logo is famous, and most people would even recognize the logo if it were merely an outline.


Combination Mark

Just as you might expect, a combination mark makes use of a symbol or icon and a wordmark. Target’s logo is certainly easy to recognize, and the company can use it with or without the “Target” name and still achieve the recognition they need. Another good example is PayPal. The two-tone blue symbol can be used with or without the PayPal name with equal effectiveness.

Packages And Pricing

What Logo Type is Best for Your Company?

That’s not an easy question to answer since every company needs to set itself apart from the competition. While simple, straightforward designs are always encouraged, design experts look for ways to make every client’s logo design new and exciting.

Again, remember that a company logo must work effectively across all types of uses. The logo must work on a storefront sign but also on a business card. That’s why it often takes time to develop a truly appropriate logo design.

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Since changing a logo design is difficult, getting everything perfect the first time is essential. Look at the Coca-Cola logo. The company has changed the logo a couple of times with trepidation as the public tends to cling to and favour the original design.

Today, logos must also work on computers and cell phones. That’s not always easy to accomplish, which further highlights the importance of working with professional designers and taking whatever time is needed to develop a quality logo design.

Take the First Steps Now

When it’s time to explore new logo options, don’t delay starting the process. The success or failure of a company can comfortably rest on the quality of a logo. For design help, contact a logo design expert today.

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