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Writing web copy for SEO purposes is useful for helping to increase the rank of any given website. Having high-quality content that is engaging for people to view will also help to increase the rankings and exposure of a website. When people want to engage with the content on a site, it makes the entire SEO process work much better. To get great content on a site, the information needs to be very targeted to the audience of the website. In this case, that would be Airdrie, AB.

This work of writing very targeted content for SEO is best achieved when the process is broken down into steps. Those steps include doing keyword research, preparing the text to be written, writing the text and proofreading the entire piece. When a writing process is followed, then routines and habits are developed, and that will lead to some high-quality content.

Keyword Research

The first step that we take in the SEO writing process is to conduct some keyword research. We will take a look at what the main focus of a blog or website is so we can gain some understanding as to what the site would be found for. The next thing we will look for is a mission statement. Mission statements typically outline who or what the blog or website is about, what is unique to the particular blog or site and what the overall goals for the user experience are. We can then start to build a list of keywords that are related to the mission and content of the site.

This list is what we will use to drive our SEO content writing work. We will use our industry expertise to predict what keywords users would be typing in to find the site on Google. A few variations and combinations of these keywords will also be added to the list to ensure we have excellent coverage of the relevant keywords. A final step in this stage of the process is to give the keywords some rankings. We can figure out which words are most closely associated with the mission and overall content of the site to provide them with a higher priority.

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Preparing Text

Any high-quality piece of writing is going to start with a planning phase. Before the sentences begin to flow, we will make a general outline of what the content is going to cover. It is beneficial to consider the overall purpose of the content and discuss some goals for the writing. Having a clear understanding of the goal for the content can help to craft a message that is not only going to help increase rankings but resonate with the intended audience. We will also consider an overall format for the writing that is going to be organized in a way that will engage with the audience to provide a worthwhile experience.

We also want to consider the overall structure of the content because this will have an impact on the rankings for the site, and on how much time users spend engaging with the content. Having a clear and easy way to understand website structure can also help to make more sales conversions, and get more return visits to the site. This can help to build a more significant customer base and increase the exposure of the site organically.

Writing the Text

The best way for us to serve the needs of any potential customer is to simply start writing. After we have gone through the thorough keyword search process, and planning phase, it is time to get writing. We will write with all of the goals and mission of the site in mind, and produce a high quality piece. We will always keep the overall structure of the site in mind as well. Another goal for our team is to produce something that is going to be highly readable for a broad spectrum of people.

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When a blog post or website content is more readable, that leads to more engagement. More engagement can lead to more return visitors and more positive chatter overall about the site. Our writers are also very avid readers which allows them to put a great deal of style into their writing. Again, writing that has a distinct style, is more fun to read and can hold the attention of the audience is going to produce much better results.

Editing the Text

Proper editing is quite possibly the most critical elements to a great piece of writing, and it is the step that is often overlooked. Many people don’t take the time to proofread and edit because they want to get content posted and published right away. We will take the time to reread each piece of writing that is produced to maintain high levels of accuracy and readability. This is the stage where our writers will look at the content with a very critical lens. Content can be adjusted by adding things in or taking sections out. We will also ensure that the structure of the text matches up with what the overall goal was, and get more than one set of eyes on the content to allow for more feedback.

Following a planned process is the best way to produce high-quality SEO content. We have the writers that have built up a method that is proven to work. We take the time to thoroughly research what the goals and mission of a blog or website are. We take the time to do the keyword research that is necessary to increase the exposure of the site. We follow a very detailed and efficient writing process to ensure that a high-quality piece of writing is produced every time. Finally, we take a great deal of pride in knowing that we have done our best to create copy that will be readable, engaging and lead to a better customer experience (UX).

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